Creating an Eye-Catching Fundraiser Display

Schools that run a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser sure know how to set up great displays! Brill Elementary in Texas and Fruitvale Jr. High in California sent us some helpful photos of how to set up an effective fundraiser display

Fundraiser Displays: A Must for Big Sales!

Take a look at Enders Elementary's awesome Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser display! While Mixed Bag Designs' colorful fundraising catalogs can certainly excite buyers and sellers alike, seeing our pretty products in person can boost sales even more. A fun and creative display gives sellers, teachers, and passers-by an idea of size, shape, texture and color.... Continue Reading →

Great Fundraiser Display Examples

Attractive fundraiser displays are a perfect way to excite your sellers and increase sales! It's great to look at our products in our fundraiser catalog, but seeing sample products on display is even better. Fundraiser sample displays really show the variety of products offered with a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, including reusable bags, accessories, totes... Continue Reading →

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