Top 5 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags!

Using reusable grocery and shopping bags is more than just a fleeting fad - in some areas of the country it is even required by law for customers to bring their own bags for shopping. Don't have enough reusable bags to fit your busy lifestyle? Not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has you covered!

Go GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day

Green popcorn, cookies and cakes abound on this festive holiday, but Mixed Bag Designs has some top green products, too! Even better, our goods are "green" in an eco-friendly way as well. What better time to stock up on your favorite finds than today?

Healthy Litterless School Lunch Ideas

Forget brown bag school lunches, and pass on the unhealthy cafeteria food! This blog will show you top school lunch products and also great kid-approved lunch ideas. In a day where we know how bad plastic pollution is for our world, Mixed Bag Designs has come up with eco-friendly products for your daily lives.

California Set to Ban Plastic Bags

Over 150 cities have already instated city-wide bans on plastic bags. The most progressive state of all is the traditionally environmentally-conscious California. While a large number of cities and counties in California already have plastic bag bans, they are about to take it a step further: a state-wide ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Why You Should Use Reusable Bags

Our world is obsessed with single-use plastic—plastic bags, microwavable meal containers, and plastic bottles are used daily by millions, without giving a thought to what happens to all that plastic. How can we help solve this big and far-reaching problem? Make small life changes and spread the word to others about the severity of the plastic epidemic.

Keeping your Reusable Bags Clean

So you're in the habit of using reusable bags. That's wonderful! Using sustainable, eco-friendly totes is fantastic, but many people don't consider the potentially germy repercussions. Combating plastic overuse is commendable, but if you don't clean your reusable totes, you're increasing your risk for exposure to bacteria, mold and cross-contaminated products. Here are some ways... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are quickly becoming a modern style must-have: they offer style and elegance yet are environmentally friendly as well. Reusable bags are appealing to any fashionista looking for a daily handbag, grocery bag or purse. Since Mixed Bag Designs reusable bags are available to non-profits for fundraising purposes, they have become one of the most in-demand products and really boost profits for fundraising organizations.

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