Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level


After the fundraiser ends – DON’T FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU! One of the most important jobs in fundraising is crafting thank-you letters to all those who helped support your cause. The message should come from the heart as it’s all about preserving a relationship with your donors. You can’t afford to write a unique letter for each of the thousands of donations, but you can take the time to personalize it with your own words. 

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Going Green: A Balancing Act

Going Green - Mixed Bag Designs FundraisersSometimes, even those of us most determined to make positive life changes like going green and living more simply find it difficult to keep it together and not get lost in the shuffle of other summer obligations. Summer, although it’s often associated with relaxation and fun in the sun, often becomes a stressful time where many of us fall short of our lofty ideals.

Commitments from work and kids and family leave you feeling bogged down, and frankly, overwhelmed. Green living choices become harder to make, not because of your lack of willpower or dedication to the cause, but simply because it’s often more convenient to grab that plastic bag or bottle of water instead of bringing your own reusable bag or reusable bottle. Instead of getting caught up in a cycle of frustration and guilt, slow down and find relief knowing it doesn’t have to be so hard to make greener choices, even if you aren’t perfect.

While your choices might be as green as the trees, give yourself credit for the small changes. After all, that’s where it all starts. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re struggling to make your life a little greener amid the chaos.

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