Happy Memorial Day!

Celebrate Memorial Day with a fun outdoor picnic. We loved these ideas from HGTV's 10 Sizzling Ideas for an Outdoor Summer Party. We hope you all enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day celebration. Let us also take a moment to honor the real reason for today's celebration: remembering those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Never forget.

Whether you're out at a BBQ or swimming in a pool, we hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. Also, remember to take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is all about: honoring those who died in the United States Armed Forces. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Honoring our Soldiers on Memorial Day

We just wanted to take a pause to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country. Here are some quotes we found honoring those men and women who died fighting in the United States Armed Forces.

Memorial Day Weekend Recipes and Casseroles

With Memorial Day around the corner, we thought we would share some fun summer picnic recipes that are perfect for a weekend picnic or family gathering. To keep foods fresh for longer, keep them in one of our stylish insulated coolers. They're a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to traditional coolers made by Mixed Bag Designs and are perfect your picnic this Memorial Day Weekend.

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