Profitable and Easy Fundraising for Your Organization

Almost every school in North America today relies on fundraising at some point throughout the year to fund the purchasing of new books, supplies, and other materials. This is why Mixed Bag Designs exists. We offer schools and other businesses a variety of different products that are sure to snag the attention of their target demographic and generate more money for their cause.

Healthy Fundraiser Idea: Cooking with Mrs. C

We’re big fans of healthy fundraisers, and it’s more important than ever to share the importance of healthy habits with our children and students, including eating wholesome foods and practicing eco-friendly ways of living. Fran Christensen, a retired food service broker who has worked with food her whole life, knows how valuable it can be to expose students to the culinary world.

Creative Classroom Supply Swaps from NEA Today

NEA Today offers exclusive tips for teachers on saving money in the classroom. Use these top tips for classroom supply budgets to save money this Fall and have a successful classroom! These tips will save some money and inspire any school teacher!

School Fundraisers Offer Lifelong Lessons

Fundraising Helps Kids Grow - We know that product fundraisers can help a school achieve goals from a financial standpoint, but what can school fundraisers teach our students in the process? Mixed Bag Designs explores the benefits of school fundraisers on teaching students lessons like empowerment, helping others and learning the importance of how to manage money.

Successful Fundraiser Tips: Use Prizes to Boost Sales

These days, prize programs have become an integral (and sometimes make it or break it) part of fundraising. Fundraising companies often offer tiered prize programs, with smaller prizes offered for minimum sales and then adding on prizes as the participant sells more. After reviewing our more successful school fundraisers from this past Fall, we thought we'd share some of their ideas and tactics for maximizing sales using prizes.

School Fundraiser Tips – A Vocab Lesson

Fundraising is a tricky endeavor - even more so when it comes to school fundraisers. Typically the fundraising organizer and organizing team changes hands every couple years, if not every year. Sometimes from season to season a school fundraiser chair will be completely different. From time demands to children graduating, there are tons of reasons why fundraiser chairs change from year to year. At Mixed Bag Designs we try to make it as easy as possible for incoming school fundraiser organizers to get started and reach their goals. To start, let's get the fundraising lingo down

Great Fundraiser Ideas – Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Sales Tips

Check out the latest video in our fundraiser tip series on YouTube. Mixed Bag Designs has spoken to a variety of fundraiser chairs and organizers from across the country to create the ultimate list of great fundraiser ideas. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our fundraisers are profitable and return the best profits possible - so we wanted to share these tips to give you extra ideas on how to plan your fundraiser.

Great School Fundraiser – John G. Borden Middle School Fundraiser

Mixed Bag Designs spoke with John G. Borden Middle School about their recent initiatives to reinforce positive attitudes and to create a supportive environment that motivates all students to learn at the Marlboro, NY school. Learn more about this school fundraiser and how you can get involved with the PBIS initiative. The monies raised by the school fundraiser will be used to implement programs and resources for the school.

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