15 Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiser

We often talk about fundraiser tips and how the planning before the fundraiser even starts is a key aspect to a successful fundraiser. However what happens when you're a fundraising newbie and you've been asked to spearhead your child's school fundraiser event? It's a daunting task with a ton of to-dos but we are here to help you stay organized and on top of it. Here are 15 tips from experienced fundraiser organizers that will help even the least experienced fundraiser leader have a truly successful fundraiser.

60 Free or Almost Free School Fundraiser Incentive Ideas

School fundraisers don't want to spend a lot of money on prizes. Many fundraiser organizers have come up with a variety of incentive ideas that are free or inexpensive. Add these prize ideas to your fundraiser prize program to help boost participation!

Successful Middle School Fundraiser Prize Ideas

How do you get middle school fundraisers up and running successfully? Here are some ideas for boosting participation in your middle school fundraiser. Get ideas on middle school fundraiser prizes from the Mixed Bag Designs blog on reusable bags and school fundraising tips.

Sign Up Now for A Fall Fundraiser!

It may be summer vacation, but for many PTA leaders and school fundraiser organizers, there's no time to rest as they're already planning out the upcoming school year! We want to make this process as simple as possible so we are offering special incentives for any school or organization who signs up for a Fall fundraiser by July 31!

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