Successful Middle School Fundraiser Prize Ideas

How do you get middle school fundraisers up and running successfully? Here are some ideas for boosting participation in your middle school fundraiser. Get ideas on middle school fundraiser prizes from the Mixed Bag Designs blog on reusable bags and school fundraising tips.

Back to School Tips for Staying Organized

These useful back to school tips from the Mixed Bag Designs blog can help families find some balance during the back to school rush, and also teach students some positive habits as well. Get other school tips and information on green school fundraising from Mixed Bag Designs.

Teacher Appreciation Week Starts Today

As a school fundraising company, Mixed Bag Designs knows how important teachers and educators are to the well-being of our community. We can’t thank school teachers enough for all they do, but we can certainly try, and we want to use Teacher Appreciation Week to show how grateful we are for the extra time, love, and effort they put into teaching and guiding students on their learning journey.

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