Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Final Stop Revealed!

Mixed Bag Designs has been on quite a world tour this summer. Our reusable bag ambassador Jeremy has been to some of the most beautiful spots in the world, including Rome, Florence, Naples, Monte-Carlo and Cassis. This is Jeremy's final stop! Remember those who guess correctly are eligible to get a free reusable bag! This time Jeremy dined on calçots amb romesco while watching a casteller perform in Plaça Sant Jaume. Benvinguts a la ciudad condal! Did you get the final question correct?

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Seventh Stop Revealed!

Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs today? Our reusable bag ambassador has been on quite a journey so far - from the glitzy casino in Monte-Carlo to the ancient ruins of Rome. And there's still more to go! Did you guess the last spot correctly? When not enjoying a scrumptious wood-fired "margherita," he will also explore this UNESCO heritage site and its many ancient ruins, stunning squares and well over 425 churches! Where in the world is Jeremy?

Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs? Sixth Stop Revealed!

Did you guess where Jeremy last was spotted with his Mixed Bag Designs? He had gone to the beach. He's taking Strada Statale 163 to quaint fishing villages with fragrant terraced gardens dotted with lemon trees, ancient churches and simply spectacular views. This tourism hotspot promises delicious seafood, great weather and beautiful piazzas. Where in the world is Jeremy and his reusable bags? See below!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Fifth Stop Revealed

Mixed Bag Designs' reusable bag ambassador Jeremy continues on his whirlwind trip. So far he has seen the south of France, Montecarlo, Florence and the Vatican. Where was he last spotted? See the clue! This time Jeremy takes his Mixed Bag Designs into a living museum of ancient ruins, artistic splendor, speedy Vespas and sweet gelato! He joins well-heeled locals in Spagna before heading down the Spanish Steps. We hope he added to the 3,000 euros thrown into the water each day at the feet of Oceanus in this city's most famous fountain that guarantees he'll return again someday!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Fourth Stop Revealed!

Did you guess the last clue correctly on Jeremy's world tour with Mixed Bag Designs? Maybe you'll have better luck with this one! We hope Jeremy exchanged some euros during his time in Florence because he may be travel with ATMs in this next spot! The ATMs here use Latin to process transactions! Where is Jeremy? Find out below!

Where in the World is Mixed Bag Designs? Third Spot Revealed!

Jeremy is on the move as the unofficial Mixed Bag Designs international bag ambassador! His latest spot? Can you figure it out? You may not be able to see Pluto, but you will definitely see Neptune! And you don't have to worry about Medusa and her head of snakes, Perseus took care of that many years ago. They all come together in this eye-catching place alongside lions, gods and heaping plates of prosciutto!

Where In The World is Mixed Bag Designs? Second Spot Revealed!

He's in Montecarlo Monaco! Known for its elegant yachts, renowned Formula One circuit and glamorous setting, Montecarlo is the world-renowned playground for the rich and famous. Jeremy took his favorite drug store bag to the Grand Casino but switched it up for the hipster while cruising around the port. Looks like fun - where will he head next?

Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs? First Stop Revealed!

The first clue from our world tour with Jeremy, our reusable bag ambassador was: Yachts cruise into this seaside fishing town, past nearby calanques and hillside villas. This ancient port is considered so beautiful, a famous phrase by a Nobel-prize winning writer states that even if you have seen Paris but not this town, then you haven’t seen anything! Where in the world is Mixed Bag Designs?

Where In The World is Mixed Bag Designs?

We sent out a special bag ambassador around the world with some of his favorite reusable bags from Mixed Bag Designs. Your task is to guess where he's going next! We will post clues about his destination and you can leave your guesses in the comments and on our Facebook page!

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