Drive Online Sales With a Custom Fundraiser Page!


Increase your fundraiser sales by over 45% with a custom fundraiser page created just for you! We tailor our site to your brand by incorporating your logo and cause into a personalized graphic. You will be able to choose your color scheme and pick your own personal URL that coincides with your fundraiser.

This page will act as the face of your online fundraiser. Don’t forget to email your friends and family from out of town your custom link. Anyone who clicks on your URL will automatically support your fundraiser with their online purchase because the link instantly adds your fundraiser ID.

Here are a few benefits of a custom fundraiser page:

  • Anyone in the USA can support your fundraiser online – catalog sales too! Online orders ship directly to the supporter’s house
  • Your personalized link will be memorable and feel special
  • All purchases on your store will automatically be added to your fundraiser
  • Supporters will have a more personal connection with your cause depending on the information you include on your landing page.
  • Receive 40% profit from every online order! These are great incremental sales to a catalog fundraiser, and can make your fundraiser your most profitable one yet.
  • Your custom page can be used and shared all season long! Online sales will credit your fundraiser for the duration of the fundraiser season. This means you can push online sales even after your catalog sale is over!

A custom fundraiser page will enhance your online fundraising experience and will help drive online donations. It is a simple process that will make a difference in your fundraiser sales. Contact or contact your Sales Rep to have your custom fundraiser page created today!

Improving Fundraising Efforts: Tips for Success!


We’re certain that you’ve been part of a school, group, or organization that’s held a fundraiser that turned out to be a disaster. This is not surprising! The amount of coordination necessary to pull off a successful fundraiser is monumental!

At Mixed Bag Designs we have the experience of being moms involved in fundraisers, and we witnessed our fair share of poorly managed fundraising campaigns. This personal experience has given us the knowledge necessary to create a formula for easy fundraisers, that can be completely customized to your needs! Continue reading

The Advantages of Online Fundraising


At Mixed Bag Designs, we work with all types of teams, schools, groups and non-profits to organize and facilitate online fundraiser programs. We often find that people are not familiar with the benefits of this option over the more traditional face-to-face types of community fundraising campaigns.

Looking at the advantages of the online option as a standalone or a combination fundraising tool you can easily see why it is so effective. By considering the advantages of the online option, or perhaps pairing it with traditional strategies, any fundraising program will be more successful. Continue reading

5 Raising Money Ideas for Spring Fundraisers

Raising Money Tips

How do you differentiate your worthy cause, with so many events and fundraisers out there? You may have difficulty meeting your goals for funds. If you are in need of raising money ideas for your school or organization, you are not alone. Here are 5 tips from Mixed Bag Designs to greatly increase your chances for success:

  1. Stop Asking for Money

It is not easy asking others to dig into their pockets and make donations. In fact, you may feel a bit uneasy about this and it may seem too much like begging. This is why you should consider selling products which people can use. It is so much easier to utilize catalogs of handy products that consumers can use around the home. When donors receive something of value in return for a donation, they are more likely to make a purchase. With fundraising products, your raising money ideas are solved!

  1. Pick a Special Day or Holiday

Are you looking for a particular theme for your event or promotion? Consider Valentine’s Day, Easter or St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect theme when you plan to sell eco-friendly (also known as “green”) products. You can offer a wide range of eco-friendly fundraising products like reusable bags and storage bins made of partially-recycled plastic. No matter what color they are, they all fit into the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Continue reading

Online Fundraising – A Great Way to Supplement Your Efforts

 Online Fundraising

Whether you need money for a school or nonprofit organization, fundraising is an important part of your business. Today, most businesses have websites and are cashing in on the explosion of internet opportunities like social networks and email campaigns. With the help of great products from Mixed Bag Designs, you can take your campaign to the next level with online fundraising.

Cost Effective Promotions

A standard fundraising promotion can come with time-consuming or labor-intensive efforts. For example, you may need to design and print out thousands of parent letters and distribute catalogs. When you take advantage of online fundraising you can offer these promotional items in .pdf format and as webpage content. This can greatly reduce time spent on your fundraiser, and make your promotion more effective.

Everyone is Online Today

Each day the number of people browsing the web continues to grow. In fact, most people have some kind of personal computer (desktop, laptop or tablet) and also a smart phone capable of accessing the Internet. When you call a person’s home you might get a machine, or no answer at all. If you knock on doors, no one may be home. With online fundraising you can send an email or message through social media, and the recipient can reply at his or her leisure. It’s a 24/7 format which never sleeps. We even have free downloadable images to share on social media to your network!

Safe & Easy

With school promotions, kids may need to go door-to-door or solicit sales from people they do not know. In today’s world, this requires adult supervision, and not every parent has the free time to go door-to-door with their child. Online fundraising does not involve personal contact; it is a safe and effective way for people of all ages to go after sales.

The Power of Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are becoming part of people’s everyday lives. They let us stay in contact with friends and relatives all over the world, and are perfect for school promotions. For example, kids can contact grandparents and relatives in other parts of the country in seconds. It’s possible to make sales via long distance which would not be possible without online fundraising efforts. Plus, if a video on YouTube goes viral, a fundraising promotion can become wildly successful overnight. You can also send out a customized email to your friends and family promoting your fundraiser with our easy email tool!

Don’t Forget Products

When you ask for donations, it’s much easier when you offer products like reusable shopping bags or kitchen gadgets. This gives your donors something of value in return for their money. In addition, reusable bags are good for the planet and give everyone a chance to do their part for the environment.

Calling all Fall Fundraisers! Continue to Raise Money Through 12/31!

Shop Online to Raise Funds through 12/31Even if you’ve closed your Fall catalog fundraiser, you can continue to raise funds with the click of a button! Hooray for online sales!

There’s still time to raise additional funds for your group—just in time for the holidays! To earn credit, supporter must enter your fundraiser ID# before making their purchase on We’ll mail your organization a check for online purchases made through 12/31 in January 2016 – easy as that! Continue reading

Social Media and Fundraising

Social Media and FundraisingDid you know that nearly half of ALL internet users have Facebook? Plus, —people are 71% more likely to purchase when referred by social media – perfect for increasing your fundraiser purchases! Just think of all the friends, family and friends-of-friends you could reach by posting about your fundraiser on social media.

Mixed Bag Designs has all the right tools to promote your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! Continue reading