Jack Johnson’s Top 10 Plastic Free Tips

At Mixed Bag Designs, we continuously support lasting change within our communities. We want to help support organizations like the Johnson Ohana Foundation, San Onofre Parks Foundation and other nonprofits in their efforts to reduce our plastic footprint. Our eco-friendly bags and company values align with the Johnson Ohana Foundation, particularly the All at Once action network... Continue Reading →

Healthy Litterless School Lunch Ideas

Forget brown bag school lunches, and pass on the unhealthy cafeteria food! This blog will show you top school lunch products and also great kid-approved lunch ideas. In a day where we know how bad plastic pollution is for our world, Mixed Bag Designs has come up with eco-friendly products for your daily lives.

California Bans Plastic Bags: A Step in the Right Direction

On October 1, California Jerry Brown signed a bill into law banning single-use plastic bags in the state of California—the first state-wide ban on plastic bag use in the country. Beginning July 2015, grocery stores, drugstores and food retailers will no longer be permitted to hand out plastic bags. In 2016, smaller stores will be... Continue Reading →

California Set to Ban Plastic Bags

Over 150 cities have already instated city-wide bans on plastic bags. The most progressive state of all is the traditionally environmentally-conscious California. While a large number of cities and counties in California already have plastic bag bans, they are about to take it a step further: a state-wide ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Why You Should Use Reusable Bags

Our world is obsessed with single-use plastic—plastic bags, microwavable meal containers, and plastic bottles are used daily by millions, without giving a thought to what happens to all that plastic. How can we help solve this big and far-reaching problem? Make small life changes and spread the word to others about the severity of the plastic epidemic.

The Plastic Bag Breakdown

We use tons of plastic, but everyday Mixed Bag Designs tries to lessen the plastic bag waste one reusable bag at a time. In an effort to promote change and raise awareness, we have found that discussing the educational facts help people to rethink their choices. We hope some of these numbers and ideas will help you remember your reusable bags!

Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

This week with a city council vote of 13-1, Los Angeles became the largest metropolis in the United States to ban plastic bags outright and also impose a charge on paper bags. Although the ban has been met with controversy and complaints from both plastic bag manufacturers and Los Angeles citizens, the city council hopes it will be a positive step in making the city a healthier and greener environment. Mixed Bag Designs' reusable grocery bags are made from the same plastic used to make yogurt cups and up to 40% of the plastic used in our bags is recycled from post-consumer use. These reusable bags are recyclable anywhere #5 plastic is collected (the same place you can recycle those yogurt cups and hummus tubs) - including Whole Foods locations across the country.

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