Reusable Bags on the Town For a Great Cause

This past week some students from St. Matthew Catholic School in San Mateo, CA (right in Mixed Bag Designs' backyard!) showed off their favorite reusable bags to promote their school fundraiser. We loved the shots so much we had to share! You can support St Matthew Catholic by shopping - every bag purchased helps!

School Fundraiser Tips – Planning Ahead

School fundraiser tips - we all know how tricky it can be to run a successful school fundraiser. To maximize your chances of making your fundraising goals and to keep things running smoothly, ask yourself and your group the following questions regarding the fundraising campaign.

Cheerleading Fundraiser Tips – Get Your Squad in Gear!

For school cheerleading and dance programs, fundraising is a critical part of a group’s success and ability to participate and compete. Expenses for coaching, uniforms, camps, competitions, and other program requirements add up quickly, and fundraising becomes an important necessity for the long season cheerleaders are involved in.

Buy a Reusable Bag and Support a Local Elementary School Fundraiser

Spring is here and it’s warming up – are you ready for the beach yet? Get your perfect beach bag today by shopping on our store and include the Fundraiser ID 223739 to support a special cause: a fantastic elementary school initiative in Pearl River, NY.

Support A.W. Becker Elementary School Fundraiser

Mixed Bag Designs is happy to report on an easy way that you can support a local school fundraiser in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District just south of Albany, NY. Shop online at the Mixed Bag Designs store and every purchase supports the school fundraiser.

Support a great fundraiser – Crest Care Chinese Crested Breed Rescue

Shop reusable bags and support great fundraisers! Once again, we are happy to present another wonderful cause that you can easily support simply by shopping online! This animal rescue fundraiser has a touching story and a real need to raise funds to take care of their animals. Read on to learn more about the Crest Care Crested Breed Rescue Group.

Shop Online and Support Home Aides of Rockland

Mixed Bag Designs representative in New York talked with the non-for-profit home care agency Home Aides of Rockland about their organization and their fundraiser. Read on to learn about the inspiring and admirable mission of Home Aides and how you can support them by simply purchasing a bag!

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