Graduation Fundraising Ideas

Graduation is a huge event at the end of school and often requires much-needed funds for caps, gowns, yearbooks and other tokens that celebrate the end of high school. Keep your graduation fundraising ideas fresh with these fun ideas from Mixed Bag Designs. Add these ideas on to your reusable bag fundraiser for a successful graduation week of events!

Fun End-of-School Activities

Many teachers finish grades before school lets out, and students inevitably are stirring and anxious the last few days of school. Here are some fun ideas for class activities to plan those last few days that will make the time fly and help close the school year with a bang.

School Tips: Using Youtopia

Have you heard of Youtopia? What about gamification? We're newbies to the concept as well, but recently we were invited to explore the platform and application and we couldn't wait to share it with all of our PTOs, teachers and school fundraiser planners. Youtopia focuses on gamifying learning and service, using "badges" as motivational incentives to promote behavior and positive learning habits.

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