Why Everyone Loves Mixed Bag Designs!

What does a fundraising company do? As the name indicates, a fundraising company concentrates on raising funds for your company regardless of where you live. Mixed Bag Designs works with people to help and guide them to develop innovative fundraising programs through different ideas and the many products that are available for sale. We help generate income... Continue Reading →

Fun Fundraising Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goals Quickly

Organizing a fundraiser to raise money for a good cause can be a fun learning experience for all involved! Whether you are running a fundraiser alone or are working as a team, fundraising can be very worthwhile. You will most likely form stronger bonds with the people you work with and will make new connections... Continue Reading →

Tips For A Successful Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Timing is Essential Although gift wrap is used throughout the year for various holidays and birthdays, it is most closely associated with the Holiday season. By planning the event in the early autumn and then having the sale in October - early November, you can have the holiday gift paper, bags and ribbon ready for delivery... Continue Reading →

Back to School: Healthy Lunch Ideas

As the kids head back-to-school, remember the importance of food safety as you pack up those lunches. These tips from the Mixed Bag Designs blog on using reusable bags and tips on food preparation will help keep school lunches healthy and safe.

School PTA and PTO Groups

PTO groups are an integral part of every child's education, taking on responsibilities from lobbying state governments to running school fundraisers to keep the school system strong. They tie the family, community, and school system together. Mixed Bag Designs is proud to be involved in so many successful fundraisers that these PTO groups make happen.

Mixed Bag Designs Teams up with Local School

Stainbridge Academy, a local not-for-profit private school in San Mateo, CA serving students with mild to moderate learning differences, has recently teamed up with school fundraising company Mixed Bag Designs in a 13th year internship program.

Teacher Appreciation Week Starts Today

As a school fundraising company, Mixed Bag Designs knows how important teachers and educators are to the well-being of our community. We can’t thank school teachers enough for all they do, but we can certainly try, and we want to use Teacher Appreciation Week to show how grateful we are for the extra time, love, and effort they put into teaching and guiding students on their learning journey.

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