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Top 10 Tips for Fundraising on Social Media

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Social Media and Fundraising

Social Media and FundraisingDid you know that nearly half of ALL internet users have Facebook? Plus, —people are 71% more likely to purchase when referred by social media – perfect for increasing your fundraiser purchases! Just think of all the friends, family and friends-of-friends you could reach by posting about your fundraiser on social media.

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Fundraising Tips: Social Media!

social media tips for fundraisersFrom Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, who can keep track of all the social networking sites and apps nowadays? Luckily for you, the use of social media by nearly everyone in the country provides a great opportunity to promote your fundraiser. Check out these great tips to using social media as a successful fundraising tool!

  • The first step to social media advertising is knowing your audience. Social media is a great way to connect with parents and families from your school, but the Internet is great for reaching beyond the people you know personally! Get a good idea of who you want to reach using social media, like local businesses or even neighboring schools. This will set the groundwork for promoting your fundraiser online!
  • Because everyone has different social media preferences, you’ll need to use a variety of platforms to reach as many people as possible. Start with 3 different methods of communication, like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for example. From there, add a few more if you can accommodate the upkeep of the different social media sites. More platforms means more people who will find out about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser! Be sure to only use as many social media sites and you can keep up with though, as you will need to keep the sites updated to keep viewers engaged.
  • What’s the use of all this social media if no one knows to look for it? Direct your traffic to your social media sites in other ways to draw more people in! Put links on your school website, announce social media activity with flyers around the school, and spread awareness by word of mouth!
  • Lastly, make your social media fundraiser promotion “pop” using images and eye-catching colors. Consider making share-worthy colorful graphics and fun titles! This will definitely help jump-start your fundraiser success, and catch the attention of sellers and buyers alike.

By using social media to promote your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, your school will be able to connect to people who would never ave known about your fundraiser otherwise! Best of luck, and happy fundraising!