Neighbors Helping Neighbors: How Mixed Bag Designs Helped NCL Crystal Springs

NCL Crystal Springs

National Charity League (NCL) is a nation-wide organization “committed to the development of mothers and daughters as leaders and is dedicated to improving local communities through hands-on volunteerism” (NCL website). Mixed Bag Designs has had the pleasure of being the NCL Crystal Springs Chapter’s fundraiser since 2012. Also located on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula, NCL Crystal Springs is Mixed Bag Designs’ neighbor! Continue reading

Top 6 Reasons Why Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising is the Best

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising

Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers are the best around! Not only do we offer unique and exclusive fundraising products, but we offer big profit tooβ€”your organization receives 50% from every catalog sale. We also offer online only fundraiser options (for 40% profit), and any out of town friends and family can shop online to support catalog fundraisers, too! Sell from two colorful catalogs, our Bags & Accessories Catalog and our Kitchen & Home Catalog. There’s something for everyone, and at an average cost of $15 our designs are affordable, too. Continue reading

The Future Project: Redefining Education

The Future Project

While stumbling through some non-profit fundraising websites, we found a program known as The Future Project. This organization is fighting to change the education system and transform schools into places of inspiration and passion. It is critical to provide opportunities to students to thrive and provide direction for them to realize their dreams. Public education is in a time of crisis; billions have been spent on education reform, and yet students, especially those in urban areas, are still very unprepared for college and the workplace. The Future Project hopes to change that by promoting new and alternative teaching methods both in and outside the classroom.

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Shop and Support Girl Power 2 Cure Fundraiser

Girl Power 2 Cure

It’s always amazing to see how some people are able to turn what many would view as a tragedy into an empowering movement that changes the lives of thousands; it’s exactly what Ingrid Harding did when her daughter was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome. She was determined to not only do everything she could to help her daughter, but also to help girls everywhere who are affected by this diagnosis. Continue reading

Schools Going Green & Eco-Friendly with Grades of Green

Grades of Green

Mixed Bags Designs is no stranger to Grades of Green; we partnered with this wonderful non-profit in their quest to help schools and students go green in April of 2012 by providing eco-friendly products for their fundraising needs and has since been a proud sponsor.

On Earth Day 2010, the website for Grades of Green was launched in the hope that protecting the environment could be an accessible goal for students and schools everywhere.Β  Today, it is an incredibly successful non-profit that provides tools and information that schools can use to make improvements and focus on being more green and teaching students how environmental protection can be second nature.

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Students Celebrate Silver Eco Award


We love to celebrate student efforts to go green all around the world and were particularly excited about this latest news. Congratulations to the students at Ashurst Wood Primary School in the United Kingdom, who recently won a Silver Eco Award for their school-wide effort to make a positive change and protect the environment. The Ashurst students had duties including energy-saving activities like recycling paper, shoes, clothes, and making compost from fruit peelings. In addition, the school’s teachers link environmental issues to their curriculum. Continue reading

Kaci’s Krushers – Say Boo To Diabetes on October 28

Support a Green Fundraiser - Shop Mixed Bag Designs

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Support a fundraiser and the environment with Mixed Bag Designs! Mixed Bag Designs is always happy to help its partnering fundraiser causes raise awareness about the cause and let people know how they can support a fundraiser. With Mixed Bag Designs, it’s as simple as buying a fun reusable bag, and after checking out, add the Fundraiser ID to give 40% of your purchase to the cause. Read more about Kaci’s Krushers and their effort to help fund research for diabetes….

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