Get Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Class is now in session. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12! If you can read this…thank a teacher.

Every day teachers educate, innovate, encourage, and touch the lives of millions of children across the world. They are real life superheroes. Help your child thank their teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week by sending them a thank you card, volunteering in the classroom or surprising them with a Mixed Bag or other gift.

Take notes – We have stellar teacher gift ideas that will make soar you to the top of the class or PTA! Continue reading

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!


Class is now in session.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! If you can read this…thank a teacher.

Every day teachers educate, innovate, encourage, and touch the lives of millions of children across the world. They are real life superheroes. Help your child honor his or her teacher this week by sending them a thank you card, volunteering in the classroom or surprising them with a Mixed Bag.

Each teacher has a different style of teaching, but when it comes to fashion every teacher should dress for success. Shop our website to find the latest on bags and accessories. Our favorite is the Black Swirl File Box, which can easily transport your student’s homework or your lesson planner wherever you go.


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10 Great Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. Even though it’s fast-approaching there is still time to put together great gifts for your favorite hard-working teachers. Here are 10 super teacher appreciation ideas Mixed Bag Designs loves!

Great Gift Ideas

  • Surprise them with new classroom decorations
  • Write cute phrases on a poster or card and give a coordinating gift set. Examples include “You’re the Icing on the Cake!” given with a decorated cake and goodies or “You Warm Our Hearts” with coffees, teas and soups.
  • Pay for a substitute teacher for a day, so the teacher can choose an extra day off!
  • A watch along with a note “Thanks for Watching Over Our Kids!” The teacher will wear it everyday and be reminded of your gratitude!
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets with note saying “We’re Lucky to Have You!” waiting on their desk.

Free Appreciation Ideas

  •  Organize volunteers to cover lunch and playground duty
  • Create a student mural to surprise the teacher
  • Surprise him or her with breakfast and coffee waiting for them on their desk
  • Ask each student to draw a picture or write a letter to their teacher. Then put the letters together in a booklet as a keepsake.
  • Students offer to wash the teacher’s car

Teacher Appreciation: Our Favorite Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week - Mixed Bag DesignsTeacher Appreciation Week kicks off today and runs for the rest of the week. Although teacher appreciation often extends beyond just this week, we wanted to celebrate today by remembering some of our favorite teachers. Here are some reflections on those special teachers from the Mixed Bag Designs team. Thank you to all of our educators and teachers across the country – we appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make even the boring topics seem interesting and most of all we appreciate how much you have taught us and let us grow!

“My absolute favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Ms. Dautel. She was awesome because she really made learning fun. She never dressed like an adult, but she commanded so much respect. Our class won every contest because she was so imaginative. She had a contest where the top 4 students with the highest grades would be able to come to her house. She was coordinating a party for the students. I ended up being one. It was SO AWESOME…I miss Mrs. Karen Dautel.” – Chartate, in-house sales

“Rachel and I were home schooled, so our mom was actually our teacher. I remember her teaching me how to read and how to hold a pencil to write my name when I was very young – no easy task considering that I am a lefty and she is right-handed! Looking back, Rachel and I both have nothing but love and appreciation for our mom/teacher – she always put in so much care and effort to make sure she gave us the best education that she was able to.” – Sarah & Rachel, customer service

“My favorite teacher goes back to the impressionable year of 3rd grade. Tiny Mrs. Volkoff, (maybe 4’8” tops) became bigger than life as she read chapters from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to our class every day after lunch as a treat. She gave each character their own vocalization, bringing the stories to life and truly inspired my love of reading to this day. I still smile when I think of her.” – Ellen, account rep

“One of my favorite teachers was my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Donna Stein. She had a passionate, fiery personality that lit up the classroom and made school fun and exciting. She thrived on creative projects and inspired each of us (even at just 8 years old!) to think outside the box and expand our creative limits. My most favorite memory of her class was our end-of-year play that we put together and performed in front of the whole school. Ms. Stein always promoted theatrics and gave us such confidence; it is thanks to her that I do not have a fear of public speaking today!” – Amy, marketing

Teacher Appreciation Week Starts Today

Teacher Appreciation Mixed Bag Designs

As a school fundraising company, Mixed Bag Designs knows how important teachers and educators are to the well-being of our kids and community. We can’t thank school teachers enough for all they do, but we can certainly try, and we want to use Teacher Appreciation Week to show our gratitude for the extra time, love, and effort they put into teaching and guiding students on their learning journey. Whether it be with a small gift or just a thank you note, take time to reach out to the teachers by helping your child express how thankful he or she is! Here are some tips for coming up with a gift for Teacher Appreciation week that will show your gratitude. Or, check out our cute reusable bags and lunch totes: they make a great eco-friendly gift for that special teacher. Continue reading