Get Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week

Every day teachers educate, innovate, encourage, and touch the lives of millions of children across the world. They are real life superheroes. Help your child thank their teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week by sending them a thank you card, volunteering in the classroom or surprising them with a Mixed Bag or other gift.

Our Spring Fundraiser Prizes are Bigger & Better than Ever!

When it comes to school fundraisers, fundraiser prizes are just as important as the products in the catalogs. Pushing students to sell can be a bit like wrangling cats, but if you have well-planned incentives and a great prize program your fundraiser will be much more successful.

How to Utilize Teachers in Your Fundraiser to Boost Participation

Teachers work hard every day, so during your fundraising campaign you may hesitate to ask too much of them. However, we have a great Teacher Rewards Programs that will both enthuse and reward teachers for their efforts. We also have expert advice on other creative ways to rally teachers' help during your fundraiser.

Boosting Participation: Get Teachers Involved

Everyone knows how important teachers are to happy, well-rounded students. Mixed Bag Designs wanted to create a Teacher Rewards Program to make the school fundraising process more fun for our hard-working teachers.

10 Great Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. Even though it's fast-approaching there is still time to put together great gifts for your favorite hard-working teachers. Here are 10 super teacher appreciation ideas we love!

Teacher Appreciation: Our Favorite Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off today and runs for the rest of the week. Although teacher appreciation often extends beyond just this week, we wanted to celebrate today by remembering some of our favorite teachers. Here are some reflections on those special teachers from the Mixed Bag Designs team.

How To Get Involved in School – A Guide for Parents

Parents learn how to get involved with school in this blog from Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers. Back to school involvement includes volunteering at events, working with your child's clubs or helping to organize a school fundraiser. No task is too small nor too big and these tips will help you get involved with school.

The Future Project: Redefining Education

Learn more about the Future Project and how it hopes to transform our educational system. The Future Project spreads creative thinking and empowers students inside and outside the classroom. Learn about this and other school-related news on The Mixed Bag Designs blog.

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