Time for Summer Travel!

The end of the school year is finally here, and we want to wish you a happy summer vacation! Whether you have a big family trip planned or a fun road trip with friends, Mixed Bag Designs has all the products to keep you organized and having a blast.

Hit the Road With Mixed Bag Designs

The dishes are clean and the laundry is done, but it’s easy to overlook tidying the car. Between car pools, shopping trips, hectic commutes and messy pets (and possibly kids), your focus is getting from point A to point B—not keeping a pristine car! For busy lifestyles, Mixed Bag Designs has come out with some... Continue Reading →

Green Summer Vacation Destinations

Consider the following vacation destinations, where you will be doing the environment good without sacrificing usual vacation pleasures. We love going green and we love summer - so this is a vacation match made in heaven!

Cute Spring Travel Outtfit – Just add a Reusable Bag!

With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, we've put together a fun, refreshing outfit for the weekend getaway. We added a touch of our eco-friendly style with our hip weekender tote in flower swirl. Our eco-friendly totes are stylish, and are sure to go great with your Spring wardrobe for every occasion.

Kindle Cases + iPhone Accessories: Jazz Up Your Devices

iPhones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, oh my! Many people simply don't (and can't) leave home without their innumerable devices. Mixed Bag Designs is all about functionality - our design team often comes up with product ideas to solve their carry-along needs. iPhone cases have become indispensable, and why not have a whole matching set to really jazz up your IT accessories? Check out some of these sassy accessories for all your must-have gadgets.

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