Kick Off your Fundraiser with our Animated Video!

If you are running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, we have a fundraiser kickoff video that's sure to ignite your promotional strategy! This video is great for promoting our cumulative prize program and also showing off our variety of products. From the fun animated characters to the catchy tune, we hope to have kids dancing in their seats, ready to sell those bags!

Keeping your Reusable Bags Clean

So you're in the habit of using reusable bags. That's wonderful! Using sustainable, eco-friendly totes is fantastic, but many people don't consider the potentially germy repercussions. Combating plastic overuse is commendable, but if you don't clean your reusable totes, you're increasing your risk for exposure to bacteria, mold and cross-contaminated products. Here are some ways... Continue Reading →

Mixed Bag Designs Fall Fundraiser Preview

Looking to finalize your Fall fundraiser plans? The Mixed Bag Designs fundraising catalog offers a collection of products that can boost profits for your organization. How can we be sure that our products are the right fit for your fundraiser? Simply because everyone goes wild for these reusable bags!

Our New Elementary School Fundraiser Prize Video

For elementary school fundraisers, promoting the prize program is key to getting the kids excited about your fundraiser. Many school fundraisers use an assembly or kick-off video during morning announcements to get the fundraiser going. Use this video to promote our 7-tiered prize program and to tell kids all about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!

Behind the Scenes: Fundraiser Kickoff Video

This week we had an absolute blast shooting a fun and energetic fundraiser kickoff video. With help from some very talented local kids and thanks to the wonderful team at Mercy High School and Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, we shot an enthusiastic and eye-catching music video that's sure to catch your eye.

How to Run a Fundraiser – Mixed Bag Designs Style

Learn how to run a successful school fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs. Follow this video and get to know how everything works to make your school fundraiser a huge success! Make sure to follow Mixed Bag Designs on YouTube for updates on our products and how-to guides!

Great Fundraiser Ideas – Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Sales Tips

Check out the latest video in our fundraiser tip series on YouTube. Mixed Bag Designs has spoken to a variety of fundraiser chairs and organizers from across the country to create the ultimate list of great fundraiser ideas. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our fundraisers are profitable and return the best profits possible - so we wanted to share these tips to give you extra ideas on how to plan your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Tips from Mixed Bag Designs

Welcome to our new web series on fundraiser tips! We want to help all kinds of local organizations and schools have the best fundraiser possible by maximizing profits and minimizing stress. Our new video series on YouTube showcases Mixed Bag Designs' tips from the field on how to make the most of your fundraiser. Check it out!

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