Kick Off your Fundraiser with our Animated Video!

If you are running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, we have a fundraiser kickoff video that’s sure to ignite your promotional strategy! This video is great for promoting our cumulative prize program and also showing off our variety of products. From the fun animated characters to the catchy tune, we hope to have kids dancing in their seats, ready to sell those bags!

Great Fundraiser Ideas – Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Sales Tips

Check out the latest video in our fundraiser tip series on YouTube. Mixed Bag Designs has spoken to a variety of fundraiser chairs and organizers from across the country to create the ultimate list of great fundraiser ideas. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our fundraisers are profitable and return the best profits possible – so we wanted to share these tips to give you extra ideas on how to plan your fundraiser.

Fun Fundraising Idea – Make a Video!

A great way to catch people’s eye when promoting your fundraiser is to post a video on YouTube showing off the products you are selling and the reasons why you are doing the fundraiser! Recently, we saw that one of our school fundraisers posted a video promoting their fundraiser in a really fun way – we wanted to share the idea with everyone! Mixed Bag Designs offers these video tips and more both on their blog and on YouTube!